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Forest Swallow's Nest Triangle Shape M (medium) 20g (4 nests)

Price:RMB 750.00/ USD 120.00/ MYR 350.00


  • Product Gross Weight:20gm
  • Origin of goods: Malaysia
  • Brand: SunshineNest
  • Series: Flat light
  • Specifications Model: M
  • Weight: 4.0-4.9 (light / g)
  • Label Code: SSTW
  • Ingredients: natural bird's nest
  • Nest quality: swiftlet
  • Bird's nest shape: Yan lights
  • Net weight: 9 g
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Food additives: no additives
  • Specifications: 9 g
  • Picking Location: House Yan
  • Origin: Malaysia
  • Suitable for: All applicable
  • Whether sugar: sugar-free
  • Whether organic food: No
  • Bird's Nest Color: Bai Yan / Nest
  • Packaging: Packaging
  • Storage: Avoid direct sunlight, store in a cool dry place.

  • Quantity *

Nutrition Facts Per 100 g Nutrition Reference%
Energy 1289 kJ 15%
Protein 62.3 g 104%
Fat 0.0 g 0%
Carbohydrates 7.4 g 2%
Dietary fiber 14.0 g 56%
Accept 0.43 g 22%

About Us:

Sunshine nest is 100% pure, clean, real bird's nest. We produce the highest quality bird's nest products, so that everyone can enjoy a reasonable price of 100% pure, clean, real bird's nest bird's nest is the sun's commitment to consumers. Sunshine nest believe we can break the traditional concept of consumer bird's nest, bird's nest is no longer only the wealthy and special occasion to enjoy food.

  Sunshine nests established in 2006, is extended by a small bird's nest farms to stop the bird's nest production home today. Our facilities and honor the entire production line to ensure the production of bird's nest bird's nest is 100% pure, clean, solid. Wash the bird's nest in the whole process, and did not add any chemical additives, bleaching agents, preservatives, flavors and colors, thus preserving the nest all the natural aroma and nutritional value. When the nest is collected, our skilled technical staff will carefully wash carefully after every cup nests are in the driest state in order to prevent mold growth. We individually wrapped each lamp bird's nest, in order to ensure consumer health and facilitate the selection, handling and storage.

  As a fully equipped home nest production, we honor a whole nest production line. From the bird house building, collecting bird's nest, quality assurance, the bird's nest processing, such as packaging, brand retail and distribution markets, we ensure that the production of bird's nest is 100% pure, clean, solid and does not contain any chemical additives, preservatives and coloring. Our nest is via a specially designed space, the use of low-temperature technique to remove the bird's nest in the water. Because the heat can destroy the bird's nest in the oven some precious nutritional value. Sunshine bird's nest is so special after soaking nests can expand the nest cup size larger than the original seven times.

Sunshine nest ultra-low moisture content. In fact, ten times the weight of the bird's nest can absorb moisture, some unscrupulous businessmen deliberately sprayed with water to increase the bird's nest bird's nest original weight, in order to reap more profits. Because most commercially sold already packaged in a nest box, so that customers can not know the real bird's nest moisture content, and bird's nest in the excess water will help mildew. Each nest has a sun lamp ultra-low moisture content, has more per milligram nest component is to provide the best customer quality bird's nest.

Sunshine nest in quality is unquestionable. After treatment, the sun will be sent to nest microbiology, chemistry and nutrition tests to achieve the standard to ensure safety and quality on consumption. In July 2011, the sun's nest is the first manufacturer nest successfully won the trademark issued by the Malaysian Health Veterinary Authority Veterinary Bureau, VHM (Veterinary Health Mark), which proves our excellent production technology and facilities in line with the international certification Hazard Analysis Critical health trademarks control point, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical ControlPoints) and food good Manufacturing Practice GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). Since then, we continue to strive for excellence and to continue to obtain the halal certification, Halal certification in May 2012 and international certification of hazard analysis and critical control points, HACCP (Hazard Analysisand Critical ControlPoints) in August 2012.