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Double Birds Essence

Product Code: 003
Price: 14 sachets x 3.5 gram @ MYR90.00 per box

The Sky and Sea Instant Double Birds Nest Essence is the world’s first powdered essence derived from the blending of natural bird’s nest and coral seaweed, also known as ‘Sea Bird’s Nest’; by using the state-of-the-art biological extraction technique, preserving to the best possible their active nutritional ingredients.

The Bird’s Nest has always been regarded by the Chinese as one of the best health supplements for improving skin complexion and boosting good health for its diet therapy properties which are beneficial to lung, stomach and kidney. Medical research has confirmed that bird’s nest contains such precious nutritional components as Sialic acid (Neuraminic acid), Amino acid and Polysaccharide, as well as some other essential nutrients, all of which are significantly effective for regulating body constitution, improving skin complexion, enhancing overall optimal health and prolonging life expectancy.

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