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Price:CNY 228.00 / USD 36.00 / MYR 110.00


  • Product Origin: Malaysia
  • Size:160 g (2 bottles x 80g)
  • Materials: High Quality Nest
  • Shape: Yan beacon
  • Taste: Pure Rock Sugar
  • Features:Consume immediately after opening. Each box has traceability through barcode
  • Shelf life:2 Years
  • Description: Malaysia imports nest Rama card which means that eating 2 bottles
  • Quantity *

Golden Mah Bird's Nest

Core values: the conscience of food

Enterprise mission: to drive Yan farmers to get rich, the revitalization of the Bird's Nest industry

Enterprise purpose: to customers, creating value for employees, shareholders; for the community, to make the greatest contribution to the public welfare

Vision: promote natural healthy and happy life, to become the world leader corporate nest

Located in Kuala Lumpur, Batu Caves, bird's nest Culture Experience Center, here you can learn more about bird's nest production process; from the bird's nest harvesting to packaging of each program one by one in front of you. Which in addition has a spacious comfortable sale area, in compliance with government safety standards of health processed bird's nest, while most natural and delicious taste of all kinds of bird's nest dessert Golden Mah Bird's Nest the distribution of natural nests of bird's nest are carefully selected by experienced skilled workers, clean processing, procedures such as removing impurities and other procedures, operating procedures as a whole have not used the dye, bleach and other chemicals, no mixed fakes, ensure that every consumer is the most natural bird nest; bird's nest on quality and excellence, value for money.

In order to better maintain the product quality, the company will be qualified bird's nest of vacuum packaging. Throughout the process we built a scientific quality assurance system, equipped with experienced senior professionals, which will make the whole process of quality tracking, supervision and management. Golden Mah Bird's Nest has labeled anti-counterfeiting of two-dimensional bar code, while avoiding consumer buys a fake bird's nest, can also go back and check the origin of bird's nest.

Golden Mah Bird's Nest is also working to develop a wider range of products, such as bird's nest white coffee, bird's nest capsules, bird's nest concentrated and instant bird's nest and bird's nest skin care products.

Golden Mah Bird's Nest now has ISO22000, HACCP and Malaysia Veterinary Services GVHP certification. It has been successfully export bird's nest through formal channels to mainland China, became the market's few formal access to the Chinese market for swiftlet's premium brand! The company over the next 5 years will rapidly move towards a systematic and international direction in the bird's nest industry to become the Asian region a remarkable company.

Q: What is bird's nest?

Bird's nest known as jelly, Yan root vegetables Yan refers to several swiftlet saliva secreted apodiformes Apodidae part Swifts and swiftlets of the genus, and then mixed with other substances built into the nest. Nest nesting place can be divided according to "house Yan" and Two "hole Yan," Yan cave minerals by its influence leads to different colors, Bai Yan, Huang Yan, Hongyan points, while house nest only ivory white color. The market's so-called "blood Yan" is a house nest farmed and produced by "guano edification law." Bird's nest is one of the traditional luxury food in China since the Ming Dynasty began to be eaten. But only in Southeast Asia, especially the Chinese people eat this food, in other parts of the world is not for human consumption.

Q: Bird's nest classification

Press swiftlet nesting sites can be divided into the hole Yan Yan house. Cave nest: is swallow in the wild in caves, coastal cliffs do nest, because early disorderly indiscriminate digging the yarn Yan habitat damage, and had very few swallows, as rare cave Yan production and environmental protection, growing louder rising gradually replaced by Yan house. House Yan: Yan from cave to house nest swiftlet nest environment is changing, and there is no change habits swiftlet is still wild, foraging in the morning, returning in the evening, due to the protection of human reproduction swiftlet to more, had built nests timely harvesting, nutrients are not lost, the quality is better than the hole Yan.

Q: Nutrition bird's nest?

Moisture (%) 9.25 8.67
Crude ash (%) 8.22 11.43
Crude protein (%) 58.62 56.34
Total sugar (%) 24.62 22.75
Calories (kcal / 100 g) 440 404

The main nest containing water-soluble proteins, and amino acids such as glycine. Amino acid is a biologically active substance, can promote the growth and regeneration of cells and tissues, and therefore more suitable nest burn patients or patients after radiotherapy and chemotherapy in the rehabilitation of the food, help repair damaged cells and rebuild. Bird's nest also contains collagen, minerals, therefore, be used in a variety of beauty cosmetics. Nature nest relatively flat, neither pro-heat, nor Yin, as beneficial to the skin, the skin and lungs and phase table, it is more suitable for lung diseases including people.

Q: What effect nest

  1. lungs Yin, stop lung deficiency cough, reduce lung lesions. Including asthma, lung deficiency, the shortness of breath, cough, bloody sputum, hemoptysis, hemoptysis, bronchitis, sweating, hot low tide.
  2. tonic stomach, stop stomach sex, and vomiting. Stomach Yin deficiency induced nausea, retching, gurgling sound.
  3. where the illness weakness, tuberculosis injury, loss of gas each disease, with the bird's nest for food, can Yin tune in.
  4. antiperspirant, Qi, spleen of sweating, frequent urination, nocturia.
  5. makes the skin smooth, elastic and shiny, thus reducing wrinkles.
  6. bird's nest containing a variety of amino acids, infants and children eat can grow wisdom, increase thinking, anti-sensitive, to fill the gap which has days.
  7. pregnant women during pregnancy, prenatal and postnatal feeding, there miscarriage, fetal effect of complement.
  8. bird's nest is a natural increase in body fluid foods, and contain a variety of amino acids, for esophageal cancer, throat cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, colorectal cancer, which are suppressed and a counter effect. Fresh bird's nest has significantly improved.
  9. where the after-effects after radiotherapy, chemotherapy-induced, such as dry throat, sore throat, swelling, constipation, hoarseness, nausea and so on.
  10. bird's nest sweet nature, nourishing yin, is beneficial nutritious food, effective health diet, is the popularity of health foods.

Q: how to make a fake bird's nest?

There are three main nest fraud:
First, the processing of low-cost white bird's nest stained yellow bird's nest or high blood bird's nest;
Second, the manioc flour, fish powder, eggs, gums and other painted surfaces in poor quality bird's nest cup, to make it look shiny, thick and dense, and increased weight;
Third, resin or bleached seaweed and other acts as instant bird's nest or swallow pieces.